Warranties & return 

When the reason of returning product is inadequate quality, our responsibility is to replace the defective product undertake our own expense or to return money that was paid for the product. Inappropriate quality goods are exchanged or returned in accordance with Government 2001-06-11 Resolution  No. 697 approved by Retail Trade Rules.

Returning of goods that are suitable quality are possible only by Government  11-06-2001 Resolution No.697 in accordance with the approved Retail Trade Rules. In this case, the Buyer need to pay the costs of returning the goods.

When returning goods, it is necessary to comply with the following conditions:

  • the returned product must be in its original, neat packaging (this item does not apply to the return of a defective product);
  • the product must be undamaged by the Buyer;
  • the product must not have lost its commercial appearance (label intact, protective film not torn off, etc.) (this clause does not apply in the case of returning a defective product);
  • the returned product must in the same configuration as the Buyer had received;

Underwear, socks, half-socks, helmets, thermal clothing

If you have purchased underwear, socks, half-socks, helmets, thermal clothing of inappropriate quality, you can return goods. In this case, the defective product will be replaced free of charge with a quality product or we'll return the money you had paid.

Quality underwear, socks, half-socks, balaclavas, thermal clothing cannot be returned.

Electricity items

Warranty obligations of the product manufacturer (if the product of that category has a warranty period) valid only if the product's operating conditions are not violated. To avoid misunderstandings, please make sure that the item you want to purchase is suitable for your vehicle.

In order to submit the product for warranty repair, together with the product, it is necessary to submit the purchase document (invoice) of the purchased product. During the warranty period, warranty repairs are performed for free. Note: since 2010 September 9 the product purchase document (VAT invoice) is also a warranty card.

*Electrical items, that can not be checked if were used or not, can not be returned (only lighting details can be checked, such as: license plate lights, cornering lights and others).

Individual orders

Goods that are not kept in stock cannot be returned, those goods are marked with a delivery date (Item will be sent within 1-3w.d/ 1-7w.d/ 1-10w.d/ 1-15w.d/ 10-20w.d), so when buying a product that we do not have in stock, make sure that the product you want is really suitable for you or your motorcycle.

All other goods you can return within 14 days.


Return methods and prices

OMNIVA- Returns by this method may have a return/handling fee when returning from:
Lithuania- 5€
Latvia, Estonia- 8€
*The shipping label will be generated and sent automatically.

DPD- Returns by this method may have a return/handling fee when returning from:
Lithuania - 8€
Latvia, Estonia, Poland- 15€
Other countries- 20€
*The shipping label will be generated and sent automatically.

DHL- Returns by this method may have a return/handling fee when returning from:
European Union countries- 30€
Other countries- 45€
*The shipment sticker will be sent by e-mail within 1-3 days.

LOCAL POST OFFICE- Returns by this method do not have return/handling fee.
 *Money is deducted from the amount to be refunded.
*Money is refunded within 5 days from the delivery of the returned product to the store.
*The parcel must be sent self-assembled, to any branch of the Local Post Office at the specified address.